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Wisconsin TechSearch Runners - Student

Wisconsin TechSearch (WTS) provides fast and reliable document delivery and research assistance services. We work with a highly diverse clientele from around the country, including law firms, biomedical researchers, private consultants, engineering firms, manufacturers, and corporate information centers.

WTS runners are vital part of our ability to supply more than 70,000 items to our clients each year. WTS focuses on exceptional customer service, rapid delivery of articles and accuracy. Because we make use of all the campus libraries, the ability to work independently, pay attention to detail, prioritize workloads and walk to various campus libraries during all weather conditions are necessary skills for a WTS runner. While much of a runner's time will be spent at various campus libraries making high-quality scans of articles and checking out books, other duties include searching the Library Catalog, checking document quality, processing/tracking information for client billing and other office/clerical duties. We will provide training.

To apply, please complete the WTS job application form.

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