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This site provides online access to many of the resources housed at Wendt Library's Lawrence D. Miles Value Engineering Reference Center.

What is Value Engineering?

"Synonymous with the terms value management and value analysis, value engineering is a professionally applied, function-oriented, systematic team approach used to analyze and improve value in a product, facility design, system or service-a powerful methodology for solving problems and/or reducing costs while improving performance/quality requirements. By enhancing value characteristics, Value Engineering increases customer satisfaction and adds value to your investment. Value Engineering can be applied to any business or economic sector, including industry, government, construction and service. Using Value Engineering is a very successful long-term business strategy."
Credit: The Web Site of SAVE International

As you explore this Lawrence D. Miles Value Engineering Reference Center Web site you will find many case studies of successful applications of VA/VE in the manufacturing, service, and government sectors.

The Lawrence D. Miles Value Engineering Papers Collection

This is an archival collection of original personal documents such as correspondence, articles, manuscripts, publicity materials and notes. Spanning more than 50 years, the papers reflect Miles' career and his longtime devotion to the promotion of Value Engineering. Having been personally selected by Miles, they represent what was most interesting to him.

The text, Techniques of Value Analysis and Engineering, Lawrence D. Miles, 3rd edition, 1989

Eleanor Miles Walker gave permission to the Wendt Library to scan and make available the text by Miles, Techniques of Value Analysis and Engineering. The first edition, published in 1961, and the 1972 second edition have been published in more than 12 languages. This book shows specific steps to disciplined thinking, which according to Lawrence Miles, will provide 25 to 50 percent more efficiency in the quality and quantity of mental work. Improved problem solving, creativity, and decision making can dramatically increase the value of products and services.

Value Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Under the leadership of Thomas J. Snodgrass, continuing education in value engineering at the University of Wisconsin grew. During its dynamic history the VA/VE program at the University of Wisconsin has provided important training to professionals in industry, service, and government. Explore this section for a detailed look into its many innovative activities. You'll also find the text, Function Analysis: The Stepping Stones to Good Value, by Snodgrass and Kasi.

Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation Donors

The foundation was created to fund ongoing efforts to preserve and extend VA/VE work.

L. D. Miles Library Resource Center

Help on access the collection from the Lawrence Delos Miles Value Foundation.

SAVE Proceedings

The Lawrence D. Miles Value Engineering Reference Center contains the journal, Value World (1977-present). It also houses proceedings from the annual conference of the Society of American Value Engineers from 1966-present.

Paper copies of the abstracts and articles from the proceedings of the annual SAVE conference and the journal, Value World, are available for a fee from: Wisconsin TechSearch, Kurt F. Wendt Library, 215 N. Randall Ave., Madison, WI 53706; Telephone 608-262-5917, FAX 608-262-4739.

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